102: Quick Tip for Podcasters: How To Use Match Loudness using Adobe Audtion

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Adobe Audition Tip:
Use Match Loudness to comply with Loudness Standards

Loudness Standards

Great in-depth article by Paul Figgiani on Loudness Compliance

Have you ever listened to a podcast where you had to turn up the volume to hear better or you had to turn down the volume because it was really loud? Well there are Loudness Standards that podcasters should comply with so listeners have a better experience.

Loudness Standards are measured in LUFS.

Stereo Podcasts = -16 LUFS
Mono Podcasts = -19 LUFS

How To Match Loudness in Adobe Audition

Window > Match Loudness
Target Loudness: -19 LUFS
Tolerance: 0.5 LU
Max True Peak Level: -1.5 dbTP

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Match Loudness: Adobe Audition

Video Tutorial: How to use Match Loudness in Adobe Audition (via Instagram)

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