098: Dynamic Microphones for Podcasters 02: Shure SM58

#2 in a series of Microphones for Podcasters:

Dynamic Microphones for Podcasters:

The Classic Shure SM58 Dynamic Cardioid Microphone

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Shure SM58. Made in Adobe Draw

Classic SM58

Fact: Ernie Seeler, the engineer who invented the SM58 did not like rock-n-roll.


I’m a big fan of the #sm58 and have used it on several location episodes and paired up with a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 or 6i6 or Zoom H6, this is a solid podcasting combination.


Illustrated in Adobe Draw on my iPad Pro using Apple Pencil.

Animated in Adobe After Effects on a horridly slow MacBook Pro Retina that I paid $3500 for and it is great for checking email.



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