094: Podcaster Tool of The Day: TritonAudio Fethead

The TritonAudio FetHead is an $89 tool that is a great item for your mobile podcasting toolkit. It’s small and works incredibly well. The Fethead adds +27dB of clean gain to dynamic microphones (Shure SM58, SM7B, Heil PR40, RE-20….). The Fethead also works with Ribbon Microphones.

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The TritonAudio Fethead

Phantom Power is required for Fetheads, but it will not damage your dynamic microphone since usually on condenser mics require phantom power.

Dynamic Microphones are ‘gain hungry’ meaning your audio interface or mixer pre-amp needs to supply a lot of gain (or you need to crank up the fader) to get a loud enough signal. In cranking up your pre-amp (especially on Pro-Sumer grade devices), you will introduce noise. Tools like The Fethead or Cloudlifter add clean gain before the signal reaches the pre-amps and the result is your interface does not have to work so hard and the sound is cleaner and better.

All Illustrations by me are made using Adobe Draw on my iPad Pro w/Apple Pencil. Animations made in Adobe After Effects.

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