089: How To Use a Rode Smartlav Plus Microphone with the Zoom H6 Handy Recorder

Is one of your 2017 goals to up your Audio & Video Content. Do you have a Rode Smartlav Plus that you use with your iPhone or iPad but would love to use it with your Zoom H6 or other audio recorder so you can have the convenience of a lavalier or lapel mic, but the Rode Smartlav Plus does not seem to work when you plug it in?

There is a solution and it is not obvious at first, but it’s pretty simple.

Tools of the Trade*:

Rode Smarlav Plus Lavalier Microphone (I use this for Facebook Live & Instagram Live primarily):

Zoom H6 Handy Recorder (the best…swiss army knife of audio):

Rode SC3 TRRS to TRS Adapter (required to use Smartlav+ non-iOS devices)

  • Amazon Affiliate Links. I use them as much as possible because I only recommend things that I use and love and I stink at charging people for advice and consulting and I’d love to make a living doing what I love, so I’m hoping Amazon helps me pay the bills. It’s not costing you anything. Win-Wins are what I strive for.

Tutorial Video (Directions Below):


Step 1: Buy the Rode SC3 Adapter ($15)

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Rode SC3 TRRS to TRS Adapter

The Rode SC3 will convert the Rode Smartlav Plus Connector (TRRS) to a TRS so you can use with Zoom H6.

Trivia: TRS refers to Tip-Ring-Sleeve

TRRS: For iOS Devices (Tip-Ring-Ring-Sleeve). Look for 3 black rings

TRS: Typical Stereo Connector (Tip-Ring-Sleeve) 2 Black Rings

TS: Mono or (Tip-Sleeve) 1 Black Ring

Step 2:
Connect Rode Smartlav Plus to SC3 Adapter

Step 3:
Plug in Smartlav Plus to the LINE IN PORT on the X/Y Stereo Microphones (The top microphones that can be removed)

Step 4:
Menu>Input/Output (Look for Blue Yeti style microphone icon)>Turn on Plugin Power

Step 5:
Arm Recording of X/Y MICROPHONES by pressing the L/R on front of Zoom

Step 6:
Adjust levels with gain knob on X/Y Microphones (Top Center)

Step 7:

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