087: Tools & Tips #10: Backup & Organize Data & Content Pre-2017

Tools & Tips #10: Backup & Organize your hard drives and data before New Year.
External Drives I Use:*

Lacie d2:

Lacie Rugged:

G-technology Mobile Drives:

Western Digital Passport Wireless:

for all of my backup and archiving and for mobile/traveling.

Amazon Affiliate Links (I get a reward if you purchase something using my links. whoohoo).

Start the new year with new folders for 2017 and have a simple folder structure in place to know where everything is and where to put new projects.

Tip: Start each new year with the year.

Then do top level categories: Videos, Photos, Podcasts.

Then do Month.

I like to organize by Year & Month.

Clutter Free:

Like everything else in life, when my data is backed up and organized and clutter free, I am focused, relaxed and much more productive. ~~~~you know what to do.

Happy 2017 — — —
cheers, mike

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