065: Don’t Fear The Upload or Publish Button

I share imperfect things every day.

I like to tinker and experiment with technology and creativity. I am never looking to make a masterpiece or even something people will like, I just like to practice and learn and improve my knowledge and skills in everything. The finished product doesn’t matter to me nearly as much as just creating and trying things. In fact, until I forced myself to start an online brand, I rarely even saved my creations.

I am shy and introverted and think everything I make is mediocre and everybody’s designs and branding and logos and photography and business is better than mine. And I really don’t care. I make and create because I like to learn how things work and stretch my creative thinking. It’s never been about getting positive feedback or accolades. It’s always been about personal development and growth.

Then one day I got tired of hoarding my thoughts and ideas and creations and knowledge and realized that I had to start sharing in order to move forward. I love helping people figure things out and I have discovered that by posting something everyday I am inspiring others. And that is a good feeling.

Share Your Work. It Does Wonders

My point is that if I can hit publish and upload or whatever shares your creations, then so can you. I am very self-critical yet, I really have no fear of sharing what I make. The video I posted above is not well-made from a pro animator’s perspective and it’s downright goofy. So what. I have 65 articles on Medium and there is less than 5 that I think are okay. Writing does not bring me nearly the same joy as making a goofy stop motion video, but I do it to make me better and to share my perspective which thankfully I know is unique.

I have posted one photo per day on Instagram for over a year and I am only a hobby photographer. I publish my podcast every Friday. I write on Medium a few times a week and I am committed to growing my YouTube channel and I am starting a video series from my cottage shed.


I hit upload and publish because I am determined to create a life I can be proud of and that can support me (hopefully). I feel better about myself because I hit upload and publish. I am fortunate in that I have no fear or concern about critics or haters. I am one man band. Haters are cowards who publish nothing. I know plenty of people with great ideas who never do anything with them, but are always the first to tell you how they would have done it. Don’t be that person. Create and share.

Hitting publish day after day takes discipline and guts, but when one person comments keep up the good work or thanks I needed that, it’s all the motivation I need.

I publish really imperfect things every day and it has made me a better thinker, creator and teacher. I get very little feedback and have less than 50 people on my email list (please join), but I keep uploading. I know it is making me better in every aspect of my personal and professional life.

If you are afraid or lack confidence to share your work, I promise you it will be worth it. Give it a try, you just might be surprised at how good it feels. I was.


My name is Mike Murphy, I’m a one man band and podcaster.
Learn. Create. Move Forward.

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