064: Is Your Podcast Ready For An Emergency?

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Do you have a backup plan?

I help people figure things out. One thing I tell people is to back up their data and iOS devices. Many do not listen to me. A friend had their computer stolen recently and did not care about the computer, but about all of their photos and documents that could not be recovered. Of course I felt bad for them because it sucks, but I was also baffled by the fact that all of his digital assets lived on one local hard drive with no backup. I pay $5/month to Backblaze for unlimited cloud storage. I do nothing and it backs up all of my data 24/7 for $5/month. No excuses. Back your stuff up.

What is your Podcast Plan B?

I live in Florida. Hurricane Matthew is a big one and some areas are being forced to evacuate. While it is not expected to hit me directly, we have a Plan B and that is getting the heck out of dodge if the storm changes course. My podcast launches every Friday morning. We will have to evacuate on today, Thursday. I know many people record their podcasts the day before release day. What would you do if you had an emergency or had to evacuate and leave all of your podcast recording equipment behind?

I’m as health as a horse and a few years ago I had a seizure caused from an electrolyte imbalance while I was out exercising on the beach and I was hospitalized for a week. If I had my podcast then, I would have missed at least two episodes not to mention my daily Instagram and social media posts and all of the content I try to produce to grow my online brand and business. My podcast would have survived, but my brand would have taken a hit. Consistency is the name of the game.

Do you have an emergency plan for your podcast? Have you thought about it? Stuff happens all the time. Often out of our control. For me, health, family and safety would take precedent over my podcast any day of the week, but I record my podcast one week before it comes out because I’m a nerd and like to be prepared, but I also know that failing to plan is planning to fail.

Always have a backup plan.


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