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Browse the entrepreneur section on Medium and it will not take you long to find articles on morning routines, yoga, green juice, meditation and sleep. Why? Because they all do a body good and they are all hard to keep up with.

I have not been sleeping well since I awoke to an intruder in my bedroom browsing for valuables to most likely feed his meth habit (sorry I’m stereotyping people who break into houses while the occupants are home…I learn in yoga not to judge others, so I should know better). The lack of sleep and working hard was making me a wee bit crazy and I was starting to get a little concern as I feel on edge and anxious and quite frankly, dumb. I can’t do anything productive in this state of whackiness.

I’m a bit of a scaredy cat when it comes to pills and medications and despite what my Colorado friends tell me, weed does not relax me. Well, desperate times require desperate measures so my friend gave me an over the counter sleep aid (I know I’m a daredevil) and I slept some. Not great, but I actually slept a little. Then I was at the grocery store and lo and behold there was a clearance jar of Melatonin which I recognized as being associated with sleep. Since I survived after one dose of CVS sleep aid, so I dropped the $5.99 and took my chances with a Melatonin. Probably a placebo effect, but I slept well last night for the first time in months.

I awoke feeling calm and no back pain after one night of decent sleep. I used to pride myself as being someone who only needed 3–4 hours of sleep, but the older I get and the more I push myself mentally and physically, the more I realize just how important sleep is. At least quality sleep. The last few weeks or months have been a challenge for me physically and mentally and the unhealthy feeling is not enjoyable. I’m only 46 and I am not accepting a life of pain and craziness. I’m fortunate and grateful of so many things and I have the skills and smarts to do and be anything I want, but without physical and mental well-being, I’m toast.

Sleep matters. Sleep works. Sleep better. I need to flush the trauma crud the heck out of dodge and make quality sleep a priority if I have any shot at making it on my own. One day at a time I guess.

Aah.Yawn.Stretch. Start the day fresh. I’m trying. And you?

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