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I have coasted through life on many levels, but I am deliberate in my moves. I choose to live in nice locations in towns where quality of life is a priority. I don’t always have a plan, but I’ve always landed on my feet. I’ve supported myself since the day I left home for college and have managed to pay the bills. I like routines and consistency but I can adjust to most anything. I think this is one misunderstood fact about me as it may appear that I am quite rigid because of my consistency. I am boring and predictable at times, but I always look down the road and usually can anticipate when change is coming and always ready for it.

I’m a tweaker and fine tuner until things are fixed or feel right. I usually do not stop until I dial it in. My computer and ‘studio’ are in my tiny bedroom and I have moved things around for 2 years until I knew it was right. I am subtle, but if I have the ability to improve something or someone, including myself, I just do it. It frustrates me when I hear people complain about things that can be fixed, but they choose not to. I don’t understand that, but we are all unique. My way is not your way. I keep reminding myself of this.

I find myself needing to turn the knobs and adapt to a new situation. I need to create a new source of income for myself. I don’t know exactly how I want to proceed, but I am circling my options based on my strengths and weaknesses until I hit a sweet spot. The more advice and suggestions I get, the less I listen. I’m evolving and trusting myself like I’ve never done before. I know where I want to be and I am working backwards to get there.

Turning the knobs and getting things right is all fine and dandy, but don’t forget to stop at some point. Done is better than perfect (or so I keep reminding myself).

Note: This article was a perfect example of done is better than perfect :D.

My name is Mike Murphy, I’m a one man band and podcaster.
Learn. Create. Move Forward.

Instagram: mikeunplugged

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Podcaster, Tutorial Maker & Problem Solver. I Help People Figure Things Out. Email: Podcaster Support & Content Creator @Simplecast.

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