049: Am I Drinking Too Much of My Own Kool-Aid?

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Olde Naples Pier, FL. Photo by Mike

You know the famous Jim Rohn quote used by JLD and so many online motivators, “You are the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with.” I think there is truth to it and lately I cannot seem to escape skepticism about what is possible. And I am not just taking about what I’m doing. I believe in myself, so I do not need cheerleaders to push me, but when I hear others say, well in a perfect world I would do that, but I just can’t…or it is not feasible for me…or I have responsibilities….

The more I am learning about myself and the harder I work to build a foundation around my strengths, weaknesses, goals, wants, talents, skills….the more I want to encourage others to go for what they really want, but many times I am greeted with an appeasing smile as if they think I am crazy for telling them to go after their dreams or simply live up to their potential. That smile that says, what you are doing is cute, but you are going to fail eventually and come back down to reality and I will still be here safe and sound saying I told you so.

I believe we are in a time where it is easier than ever to do whatever you want. Within reason of course, but the barrier to entry is low. The hard work and talent is implied for achieving great things, but I do not feel crazy for thinking I can do things on my terms if I am strategic, diligent and willing to put in the effort to create a business around the things that I am good at, but more importantly that I enjoy. When I see someone who loves to paint or draw or skateboard and I say, why wouldn’t you try to earn a living doing that because you can today, and they give me that crazy smile of ‘go back to reading your life quote book…’ I can’t help but do a gut check and see, am I too optimistic about possibilities? Am I drinking too much of the inspiration and motivational rants I hear in my head? I say no.

Doubt and naysayers will not be the cause of my failure. If I do not make it on my own terms, it will be because I suck at self-promotion and business and making money. It will not be because it was not possible or that I was delusional when I should have just played it safe. If you are sad or miserable or frustrated or believe you have something great to get off your chest or share with the world. I have one question, what are you waiting for? We are in a time of opportunity for the one man band, if you want change, be it. If you really want to create art for a living or paint or photograph or teach yoga or play music, it is possible more than ever today.

Surround yourself with those who also believe it is possible and give it a shot. I am. I think you should too.

My name is , I’m a one man band and .
Learn. Create. Move Forward.

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