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Rode NT1. Illustrated by Me.

Read Medium for 5 minutes and you will already know this, but focus and follow through are something entrepreneurs and creatives struggle with. Shiny Object Syndrome is legit. Real. We jump from idea to idea and on to the next big thing and then wonder why we are working so hard but not feeling like we are making any progress. It’s because we do not finish what we started 9 out of 10 times. Coming up with new ideas or trying new things is fun and exciting, but it’s not helping you really move forward. It’s spinning you around so you may feel like you are moving forward but that circle is going to come around so you never really get ahead you are just moving around and around.

I suffer from trying to do to much rather than just get one thing done and then move on. Every morning I wake up, I try to do my back stretches and part way through I decide to just do one thing on the computer and then realize I should get water and then I should probably make coffee and then return to the back but during the next set of exercises I realize that I need to get a photo prepared for my daily Instagram post and I also need to do my Medium post and this multitask chaos is not good. Stick to a plan and follow through and you will make progress.

The image above is something that excites me, yet I keep forgetting or getting sidetracked from. I can’t draw, yet I drew that microphone and I really like it and it is exactly what I want to make for a podcast tool guide that has been a priority of mine since day 1, yet I don’t work on it consistently. In that one illustration, there are several teaching and content opportunities and financial possibilities and yet I keep getting off-course. Why? I know I am not alone in this struggle to stay the course. Stay focused and get something done before you jump to the next tadpole.

Follow through. You know why I suck at golf. Because I do not follow through. I know I should but I don’t and then I complain that I stink at golf. If you stink at your online business, there’s a good chance that you do not follow through with your plans. I speak from experience.

As a one man band there is only so much we can do. Do not try and do too much or nothing gets done. As a creative entrepreneur we come up with incredible ideas on a daily basis. Imagine actually getting one of them done. How cool would that be? If you want to get to a better place, get going. If you want to get stuff done, stick to the plan Stan and follow through until the end. #cheers.

My name is , I’m a one man band and .
Learn. Create. Move Forward.

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