The day I transfer my writing challenge to a daily video challenge.

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Me in the Everglades with hungry friend.

I am 45 days into a daily writing challenge on Medium. The daily goal I wanted to do was make videos, but I tricked myself into the writing goal. By trick, I mean lied to myself. Sure, writing everyday is a good challenge, but I am running from making videos and not sure why. I get really good feedback from tutorials. My classes on Skillshare have all positive reviews. I have a goal of six classes on Skillshare. I have 3. What is my problem? Not sure, but I really do feel like I’m running in a dream sometimes and want to push through, but at the end of most days, still no video. I want to make a good promo video about me and my services (I need to, not want), I want to make more animations and stop videos and I have to make more classes since that is how I intend to make a living.

Instead of a daily writing goal, I should be doing a daily video/tutorial goal. There is no reason why I cannot record one 2–3 minute screencast per day. I used my daily writing goal as a deterrent to the thing I need to be doing more of. They say the magic happens out of your comfort zone and apparently video making is out of my comfort zone so I’m going to take the plunge as far out of my comfort zone as I can.

Today is the day I end my daily Medium writing goal and switch to a daily video goal. It’s time. I will still make Medium posts but more like 2–3 times per week versus every day. I do like the practice of writing, but in the amount of time I spend each day creating a new article, I could have made a video and that is what is going to push my business forward.

It’s time I up my game. I have to generate income and let people know what I can do. Video is the medium I need to double down on and I know it. Stop messing around and get it done.

Phew. I looked in the mirror and called myself out. Video daily challenge has begun. Better than swimming with gators I hope.

Stop making excuses and do things that move you forward. Even if the mountain seems to big. If you want to get to a better place, get going. #cheers.


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