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Florida Everglades. Photo by Mike

Work consumes many of us. We are programmed from an early age that we are on this Earth to work really hard to provide for others. Each level in school we are working towards setting ourselves up for success at the next level and then we prepare for college and then we prepare for a life of work. Sounds like a lot of work. What if it was the opposite. We focused on reading and listening to music and traveling and enjoying life and in the downtime we worked. That would be nice, right. Kind of what entrepreneurs think they are trying to achieve. A work-life balance that favors life. Isn’t that the goal?

Many of the resort towns I’ve lived in focus on quality of life and enjoying the outdoors and exercising and going out to eat are priorities in many people’s lives. I spent the weekend deep in The Everglades where the tourists usually do not have access. There are camps tucked way back in where people go to relax and enjoy life and all of its wonders. Boaters stop by each other’s camps just to say hey, tell some fishing stories, drink a beer and then move on. Simple and refreshing way to live. Not for everyone, but giving yourself time to breathe and enjoy life is important to the long game and I suggest everyone build that into their hustle schedule.

I have been working really hard on my podcast and writing and video and everything in between and taking a weekend to just get out in the wild and have nothing to do except have fun, laugh and enjoy nature, was necessary. When I got back on Sunday I had a lot I wanted to do, but I didn’t do it. I just decompressed and relaxed. I got a little exercise in, but for the most part I took a break.

Success takes hard work. It also takes no work. Remember to do both. We live in an amazing world with beauty all around. Don’t miss out on it because you forgot to look up. Enjoy more.

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