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Learning to Draw at age 46. Doable.

At what age do we start saying, I really wish I…..?

I really wish I could play piano….

I really wish I was a better guitar player…

I really wish I knew how to paint…

I really wish I could write a book…

I really wish I took better care of my health…

I really wish I did yoga…

Too Late?

Of course not. I think what happens is life takes over and we get too busy for the mundane stuff and the thought of taking on a new skill seems impossible. I can easily talk myself out of projects because I think, nah, it will take forever to do that and then life goes on and we could have already been to that place.

Bucket List

I love the term even though it’s a little depressing. I love it because it inspires good thoughts in people. Who doesn’t like to dream about all the what ifs? or the I’m going to do this…False optimism in its glory for many. What if bucket lists were everybody’s priorities in life. How fun would that be? A bunch of people skydiving and climbing Kilimanjaro and traveling around the world, living in Tuscan villages….Why do we give up on dreams so early? I’m not and neither should you. Make things you want to do a priority. Don’t be irresponsible, but find ways to get things done. My entire online journey is to create a life on my terms. I’m patient and realistic, but my bucket list is big and I have chipped away at it, but I believe I can do accomplish anything within reason. Time is not running out for important things I want to do and accomplish. Life is short, but not too short to start living it.

30-day challenge anyone?

I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts, Profit, Power & Pursuit with Tara Gentile and one of the guests talked about a life hack of taking 30 minutes per day to work on something that is in the future. Do it for 30 days and see how much progress you make in the month. I’m going to try in (starting Monday of course…no, really) for writing a book. I have a Christmas goal for a book of length unknown. I already have a loose outline. 3o minutes per day for 3o days. Then go from there. You with me?

Up for the challenge? Pick one future goal and spend 30 minutes per day working on it.

Email me at if you are up for the challenge and we can hold each other accountable.

My name is Mike Murphy, I’m a one man band and podcaster.
Learn. Create. Move Forward.

Instagram: mikeunplugged

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