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I started my podcast in September of 2015. The start of a new me. I was looking to find my voice. I pushed myself hard to launch the podcast from idea to launch in 30 days and I was on a mission to live outside my comfort zone and put myself out there. I suck at self-promotion. It has nothing to do with fear or imposter syndrome or all of the typical things that hold people back. I‘m just a slow and steady wins the race kind of guy and I know if I keep consistent and put out good work people will take notice. But I’m also not completely naive, so I know that if I want to build a business and name for myself, marketing is a necessary part of the game. Enter Blab. t

I started a weekly Open Mike Night: Ask A New Podcaster anything on Blab about a week or two after my podcast launched and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I had no idea how it would go and I really had no plan other than to try and meet people and establish my authority as someone who could help people and knew a thing about podcasting and tech and business. My whole goal was to meet new people and be a person that people could rely on for good conversation, helpful advice and be a non-threatening place where new podcasters or content creators would feel welcome and comfortable to ask questions. It worked. I was not the most popular show on Blab, but regulars would pop in and just say hey and the whole experience helped me on many levels and I made some solid connections and friends to boot.

I called my Blab Open Mike Night because about 25 years ago I was bamboozled into playing an Open Mic Night in a bar in Missoula, Montana and it was a turning point in my confidence and self-esteem. I am quiet and reclusive if left to my devices. I would not take a college course if it involved a speech because I never wanted the spotlight on me and being in front of people was my worst nightmare. Open Mic Night playing Neil Young and covers with my guitar and harmonica changed all that for me. I was stunned and shook my head no when the emcee called me out to come up and play, but I did it. Once I started playing I was completely at ease and in my element. I needed the push or I may have never known or had the confidence in myself to put myself out there. I played every Monday night for years after because I enjoyed it and it helped my self-esteem and pushed me to keep believing in my abilities. I have no fear of being in front of people when I am doing what I know and it took a nudge for me to realize this about myself.

Blab was what I needed to introduce myself to the podcast community. Despite all the inconsistencies and quirks of Blab, it was free and it never let me down for over 40 weeks. It served its purpose and I owe Blab and the staff a big thank you and shout out for giving it a good try in what was no doubt tumultuous times behind the scenes.

Hats off and cheers to @teamblab and Shaan Puri. It was a good run.

Good luck,


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