028: Thank you Instagram & Snapchat.

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Instagram Stories was released yesterday, Tuesday 8.2.16 to the public and there is really only one way to describe it: Snapchat for Instagram.

Snapchat and Instagram are by far my two favorite social media channels. Why? I am in training. Learning to be me out loud. Being social and networking are not my strong suits. I get a long with everyone for the most part, but I’m an introvert.

Snapchat has helped me be more productive. I want to share things I’m working on or just completed, so the more I work, the earlier I get up, the more I exercise, the more I can share on Snapchat. It has also helped me creatively. I’m always thinking of new images to share or interesting places or observations to make people smile or appreciate my perspective. Snapchat has become my personal journal. I speak to it everyday and really do not care if people watch. It’d be nice to have more engagement, but I am learning to create, teach, share and speak. I know I’m supposed to say I’m a storyteller, but I do not think I am and really don’t pretend to be. I see the value in storytelling and I appreciate a good story, but I think I may be too boring or nerdy or just simple. I like to share useful tidbits, wisdom and just make someone smile for no reason.

Snapchat has been therapeutic for me. I had it on my phone for 6+ months with no idea what I would say. Then one day I just said, Hello. I’m Mike Murphy, a one man band and podcaster and I found myself oddly connected to an app on my phone because it inspired me to do more and think about how I could add value to other people’s lives just by sharing my perspective. Pretty powerful really or so I made myself believe. The funny thing is I had very few followers and less than 10 people watched my stories, but I created like I was being followed by Madison Square Garden crowds. I am not in this game for praise, I’m training myself to be a good person with intention. Snapchat has given me a safe place to practice. Instagram takes that up a notch.

Instagram, for me, has a leg up on Snapchat for sure. I fell in love with it from the start. Incredible artists, photographers, videographers, creatives, entrepreneur quote lovers, big and little brands all doing their thing. Instagram makes me jealous in a good way. Jealous in that I am over-inspired by how much talent is all around me. I am fascinated by greatness on all fronts and Instagram is one giant portfolio of people working hard to show their best stuff. All skill levels, styles welcome. You don’t have to be an amazing artist or photographer to feel welcome and enjoy Instagram. There just happens to be many good ones who do post, but Instagram is all about sharing life visually. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Never feel intimidated to share what inspires you.

Instagram has become my creative outlet and social trainer. I’m not the artist or creative that lives in my head, but it is the world I have always been drawn to. I’ve really struggled for most of my life trying to find my calling or passion, yada yada, but as I develop stronger self-awareness, it is clear that most of my happiness comes from listening to music or taking photos or traveling, etc….I am inspired by creativity and culture and design and arts and interesting places….I always have been. I have moved several times post-college and I only go to places that are scenic and the people have a hunger for life and creativity and doing things. Being active and appreciating art and music and books and movies. You get my point. I like being surrounded by hippies and hipsters and entrepreneurs and people who create good things in life rather than wait for life to knock on their door.

I post everyday on Instagram. My goal is 365 days in a row. I think I’m around 320 days without missing a post. Why? Like Snapchat, I am finding my voice and creating something everyday has helped me quite a bit. Instagram is pure enjoyment for me and I’m listening to that. Can I make a living doing what I enjoy? That’s my plan. How? not entirely sure, but I know that by making something everyday and taking the time to thank people and compliment others, the momentum is building.

Instagram & Snapchat, I thank you both. Unfortunately, I see Snapchat becoming a fond memory soon as Instagram Stories has given me the best of both worlds. I’m not giving up on Snapchat because I am loyal by nature and the sticker artwork is way to impressive to leave behind so soon. One day on Instagram and my story had 3x as many viewers as any of my stories on Snapchat. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

I’m a fan of both Instagram & Snapchat because even though they stroke egos and the narcissism factor is at an all time high, they also both inspire people to create and interact with others. I think they bring out the best in people and that is contagious. We live in a social media world and the lines are blurred. If social media creates positive vibes and great art, I’m all in.

My name is Mike Murphy, I’m a one man band and podcaster.
Learn. Create. Move Forward.

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Podcaster, Tutorial Maker & Problem Solver. I Help People Figure Things Out. Email: mike@mikemurphy.co Podcaster Support & Content Creator @Simplecast.

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