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“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall” –Confucius


Yesterday I talked about wanting to be a beacon of positivity. The day after I am talking about failure. Hmmm.

Failure Story

On YouTube, there is a Daily Vlog challenge in August called #SSVEDA started by YouTuber Amy Schmittauer (Savvy Sexy Social). I was not interested in Daily Vlogging (I use Snapchat to talk to myself), but thought this would be great motivation to make 31 tutorial videos for YouTube in the month of August. Because my daily Instagram, Medium, meditation, exercise, podcast consumption, tutorial watching, full-time job routine is not keeping me busy enough. Wait till I add Yoga, that will center things.

Day 1: Fail. I attempted several tutorials and I tried to make them without a script or outline and fell on my face. I got busy at work, Monday nights I host a weekly Blab, and I never completed the tutorial. Some great excuses.

“He that is good for excuses is seldom good for anything else” –Ben Franklin

Option 1: Give up on #ssveda since I failed Day 1 and say, I’ll get it next year.
Option 2: Say who cares and make 2 on Day 2 and get back in the saddle.

My Decision

Now, you know because I’m on Medium and I’m a motivational rah-rah kind of guy, so I will 100% pick Option 2 and you would be right. Confucius say, get back up when you fall. But, I must confess I considered Option 1 because video beats me up a little. It’s my mountain. I stall and procrastinate and sidetrack myself with video and courses more than anything I do. The issue is, the biggest part of my revenue strategy is the very thing that I avoid the most. Warning signs or just laziness/lack of practice? I’m figuring that out.

Ironically, when I started my online journey, I had no clue what I wanted to do, so I came up with being a video expert helping small brands with video strategy and making local business videos. I knew video was the future, but I really wasn’t much of a videographer. I love photography and know my way around all the gear and post-production would be no problem for me as I know the Adobe products well. I love video. I love traveling and shooting video, but the whole process of organizing all the clips and sorting through and compiling a story and script, storyboard sometimes bottlenecks me. I have a lot of folders on external drives with footage and no finished video. I made a promo video about me after wanting to for over a year. The video was pretty okay, but kind of too serious and moody, so I deleted it from my website and YouTube channel.

I’m good at making classes and tutorials. I can teach and organize content with clarity, so I must tackle this hurdle as it is my focus in my business. To make video courses and gear reviews/demonstrations. I just need practice and repetition. I feel better now getting that out in the wild. I love video and think I have a good creative eye for it, but it can beat me down for no real reason. I have tons of gear and know how to use it all and while I’m not a master editor in Premiere, I’ve got some post-production chops. I need to put in the work. Go figure.


Make Confucius proud. Getting back in the saddle and trying again. Tutorial or video daily in August. #wishmeluck

My name is Mike Murphy, I’m a one man band and podcaster.
Learn. Create. Move Forward.

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