024: The Secret To Finding Your Voice

Can a #2 find their own voice?

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I have many problems to overcome in order to be successful running my own business. I’m a #2 person. I thrive helping #1’s reach their potential. I did not know this until my self-assessment journey began, but I’m a strategist and architect of people and solutions. I see clarity when others are confused and overwhelmed. The Silent Mastermind. The Orchestrator. The Martyr?

Until recently, the thought of orchestrating me never entered my mind.

Being a #2 is not a bad thing. I do not feel inferior in any way. I call the shots and everyone knows it. I make decisions without asking for permission. I am responsible for success and failure of #1 on many levels. When things need to get done, people come to me. #1’s respect and need #2’s and will do anything to keep them close. At work, I am #1 in my eyes. That’s where it ends.

So, what’s the problem? I have gifts, talents and skills that make me unique and I want to share them with others. I have been silent for too long. It’s not healthy. I do have goals and wants and needs only I put them on the back-burner. If I can’t hear my own voice, how on Earth and I’m going to share it with the world?

Start talking. Sounds like a wise crack thing to say, but that is exactly what I needed to do. I’ve been quiet most of my life. I’m not shy and do not lack confidence. Maybe I feel unworthy? Maybe I think that be sacrificing myself to help others is noble and the right thing to do? I pride myself as the behind the scenes guy. The guy who does not want praise or credit or any limelight. I have always been content bringing out the best in #1’s while I do my thing. I have always been the role of the mastermind or puppeteer silently orchestrating while #1 shines. Often unaware of just how much I’m steering the ship. Silence has always been golden to me, but I’m starting to think it is a bunch of BS I’ve been telling myself. I think its a combination of complacency and comfort zone. I’m really good at the silent role and it enables me to learn many skills, which I like, but the better I get the more I want to put it out there. I want to find the voice that I have been ignoring for so long.

I hired a coach at the height of my frustration and it took her five minutes to pull out podcasting from my inner depths and she said my face lit up in pure happiness. I doubted her initially as is my nature, but 20 minutes later I committed to a start date of 1 month and I did it for one reason. To find my voice. To figure me out. I broke every guru’s rule about having a niche, knowing my target audience and having an avatar. All things that I actually believe are necessary for a successful podcast. I did not start my podcast to land sponsors or to impress people. I started it to force myself to speak. To share my unique perspective. I take commitments very seriously and I knew I would launch on time and that I would show up every Friday with a new episode. That’s the easy part for me. I had and still have no fear of criticism. I started a podcast for me. For me to help you in my own voice. I have spent much of my working life speaking on other’s behalf, it feels good to speak from within for a change. I found my voice the easy way; I opened my mouth.

The secret to finding your voice:

Speak. Podcasts are a good place to start.

The secret to finding your genius:


The secret to writing a book:

Write. I write every day on Medium. Much of it meh. I’m in training. I’m building endurance and stamina. I’m finding my voice.

The secret to being a creative entrepreneur:

Create. Make something and share it every day.

The secret to being #1:

Be you.

The secret to happiness:

Stop looking for it.

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Podcaster, Tutorial Maker & Problem Solver. I Help People Figure Things Out. Email: mike@mikemurphy.co Podcaster Support & Content Creator @Simplecast.

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