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Rise & Shine

Tim Ferriss intrigues me. I loved 4-Hour Workweek when I first read it. Then I immediately thought it was BS, but I still thought it was a great concept that nobody could possibly achieve.

Listen to any internet guru today and they all talk about meditation as the one habit that all successful entrepreneurs and thought leaders practice in one form or another. It’s on my list of habits I want to explore and try. Mediation and Yoga. I have a bad back and I’m more stressed than I’ve ever been lately because I want to get a lot done. I want to produce mountains of content and time gets the best of me. I call this good stress because I am happy I have something personal I am working on, but at the same time I am at risk of burning out or becoming agitated or short-fused and that is not my nature at all. I’m cool-headed and calm most of the time. I do not like myself when I am stressed. When I recognize this in myself, I put the brakes on. I’m more self-aware than I give myself credit for. I have a balance meter and I am conscious of it. I do not like conflict. Internally or externally. I try to live in harmony on all levels. This is probably why Tim Ferriss fascinates me. I believe he experiments to live a full and balanced life and that is noble in my eyes. He is a seeker and he figures things out. Much like myself.

Back to meditation. Not to my surprise, but Tim Ferriss talks about meditation as an important part of his morning routine. Most successful people do. I recently heard Jerry Seinfeld say Transcedental Meditation is the best thing he has ever done. Jerry, for those who do not realize, is a workhorse. He’s a practitioner as Gary Vee calls it. He has rigorous daily habits such as writing at least one joke everyday just to practice his craft. Jerry Seinfeld has been at the top of his game and does not need money or improvement in comedy, but he still works on getting better. I admire that in anyone and I think that is something engrained in me. I am always learning and doing to better myself creatively. Jerry is also very cynical, so for him to praise meditation, I realized there really must be something to it.

I downloaded Headspace app per Tim Ferriss’ recommendation (and a thousand others) and adding daily mediation to my daily routine, which now consists of one Instagram post, one Medium article and now 10 minutes of mediation. The domino effect as James Clear writes about is in full effect. I think I have to make it a point to get up at 4:00 am if I want to add Yoga to the mix. One thing at a time. I make sure I can handle things before I add. I’m pragmatic and methodical in everything I do.

I do not jump on bandwagons because gurus tell me to. I have been wanting to meditate and do yoga for many years. I back-burner things and when the time is right I implement. I’ve probably downloaded 5 meditation apps over the years, but was never ready. I’m ready. I am in moving forward mode and my inner self is telling me I need to relax and take care of myself. I’m 46 and my body and health are priorities if I want to succeed on this journey I am on. I am listening and taking the necessary steps.

This is step 1. Committing to 10-minutes of meditation. I was just as tired as you of hearing people preach about morning routines and green juice and all the magic bullets of entrepreneur success, but I am a one man band and I assure you, I make my own decisions and I do not do so carelessly. I am deliberate in everything I do and it often takes me awhile to come full circle on things. Whether I am succumbing to internet trends or not, I believe the habits I am developing are for my best interest and that is my only focus and goal. To set myself up for a fulfilled and healthy life. That is probably why I always keep Tim Ferriss at an arm’s length. While I think he is extreme, I respect his mission in life to serve others and be the best version of himself he can be. I want that, too.

My work-in-progress morning routine (begin at 4:30 am):
Create & publish one Instragram photo
Write one article and publish on Medium with photo
Bike Ride (dependent on time. Always in afternoon)
3–5 Mile Walk
10-Minutes Meditation
Back stretches (hope to replace with yoga)
Ride bike to 9–5

My name is Mike Murphy, I’m a one man band and podcaster.
Learn. Create. Move Forward.

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Podcaster, Tutorial Maker & Problem Solver. I Help People Figure Things Out. Email: Podcaster Support & Content Creator @Simplecast.

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