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I never realized it was a strength of mine until I started my online journey and reading article after article on motivation and inspiration encouraging others to just start. Try. Do. Learn.Create. Move Forward. These are things I /did not need to learn from Medium or from an internet guru. I do them naturally. I have no fear of failing and I do not perform or seek approval or acceptance from others. I just do things to learn and figure out how to make more things from what I discover. My long-term goal is to share all my findings with others by teaching what I know. I beat myself up a little, because I do not create the videos and content as much as I would like to teach. I need to find that balance because time gets the best of me. My intention to teach everything I do are not matching the output. This is an internal struggle for me and one that I am determined to solve. I will. I always do in my own way.

Try. Why not? I speak with people every Monday night on my Ask Mike Anything on Blab and it always surprises me how many people are truly scared to start a podcast not because they are afraid of failing, but they are afraid of what others will think. Impostor Syndrome 101. I am lucky I guess, because my mind doesn’t go there, but I do sympathize with those who struggle with it and I do my best to help. The solution is usually pretty similar and simple and that starts with give it a try. Record 1 episode of your podcast and see how it feels. Most people spend days, weeks, months, years thinking about their business or ideas or goals, but never spend one minute actually doing the work part of the dream. We see that as the easy part that we can figure out later, but first you must have to cover all the bases, and strategies and plans and fill in the gaps and then come up with logos and colors and fonts and social media names, etc and then we can do the easy part: the work. What if you don’t like the work? That happened to me. I started my online business all around making videos for brands. I had no experience, but knew I had the chops and skills so I built the idea first and when it came down to the work, I decided, it’s not my thing and started over. Waste of time.

If you want to start a podcast but are afraid or nervous, rather than think it through and ask for advice until your head is spinning in a million directions, write up an outline of Episode 1 and hit record on a Zoom or portable recorder and gauge your excitement level. Be honest. Do you like doing this? Do you have a message that is burning your insides and wanting to share it with the world? Are you so passionate about something that you think others will benefit from? Does it feel like a good fit? Do you need to accomplish something for yourself?

You are not looking for good audio quality or microphone technique from the start, you are simply taking the first step of moving forward. You will be amazed at how quickly the Impostor Syndrome and your fear of others gets put on the back burner once you immerse yourself in the actual work. You are no longer living in your head once you start doing the work because it’s hard and it takes focus and determination and motivation and the imposter noises in your head get pushed out. Sure, when you hit publish in iTunes for the first time, you’ll be nervous and excited, but proud. You made something out of nothing and had the guts to share it with the world. It all starts with trying. No expectations and you’ll find that if you fail, you’ll be okay with it, because you tried.

People think I’m nuts because I strap GoPros to my Vespa and get up at sunrise to photograph microphones or do stop motion videos of unboxing gear, but what they don’t realize is that I am trying to find my voice and learn what people need at the same time. Figuring out solutions for other people is simple for me. Figuring out myself is a whole other ballgame. But I never stop. Ever. I try and if I like something, I keep doing it over and over and always try and get better. If I try something and I discover it is not me, I move on. Find what makes you unique and everything becomes a lot easier. Trust me on this one. Self-awareness is key.

Thinking about starting a podcast or online business or Skillshare class or book or YouTube channel?


My name is Mike Murphy, I’m a one man band and podcaster.
Learn. Create. Move Forward.

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Podcaster, Tutorial Maker & Problem Solver. I Help People Figure Things Out. Email: Podcaster Support & Content Creator @Simplecast.

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