011: My San Fran Podcast Toolkit

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I record a weekly podcast in my home (bedroom) studio like many. I have a couple of foam tiles on the wall and I turn off A/C and keep it pretty quiet. In short, my home studio is a controlled environment and easy. It is my comfort zone like so many others. My long-term goal in life is to have a location independent online business in which I can earn a living doing what I love from anywhere in the world. What I love involves podcasting, so one of my vagabond dreams includes recording podcasts in locations I love.

Im in San Francisco for a couple of days and it is a place I love. I love to photograph here and I could look at the Golden Gate Bridge for hours, much like a campfire. So, I thought this would be the perfect place to record a podcast about how to record a podcast on location. My podcast teaches others how to create content and how to use the tools of the trade. Recording on location such as interviews and events are very common for podcasters in all genres. I will record on location for fun or when I’m traveling or to teach people how to do it. No stress for me, but I like to know how things work and figure out stuff like this to share with others.

Microphones: Audio Technica ATR 2100 & Shure SM58. Both are dynamic microphones which will do a better job picking up only what’s in front of it and rejecting more of the ambient noises behind and to the sides (will still pick up plenty of environmental noises, so keep expectations in check). I do not need both microphones for my purposes, but I wanted to do a side by side comparison. The ATR2100 is also good as I can record into my iPad directly, but my plan is to go right into the Zoom H6.

Recorder: Zoom H6 handy recorder. One of my favorite pieces of gear.

Headphones/Monitors: Apple earbuds (did not want the bulk of my Sony’s)

iOS Devices: iPad Pro 9.7" & iPhone 6 for behind the scenes video and for my script/notes. I will ultimately record into my iPad using probably Bossjock app and no doubt I will test many others.

There are no shortage of configurations for mobile and location podcast setups, but all you really need is a microphone, windscreen, recorder and headphones to record a podcast from anywhere. The next steps of editing and tagging and uploading and all that is something to figure out in terms of workflow, but that was not the focus of my location mission in San Fran. I just wanted to test the waters and see what happens.

More to come.

My name is Mike Murphy, I’m a one man band and podcaster.
Learn, Create, Move Forward.

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Podcaster, Tutorial Maker & Problem Solver. I Help People Figure Things Out. Email: mike@mikemurphy.co Podcaster Support & Content Creator @Simplecast.

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